Perfect Design… Because It’s Perfect For You!

Perfect Design Solutions is a full service interior design company owned by Interior Designer Nancy Roth ASID Associate. Founded in 2003, Perfect Design Solutions has grown into an active interior design/decorating business, thanks to wonderful long-time clients and new referrals. The heart of the company’s success is due to the talent, passion, and personalized attention that Nancy brings to each project. She graduated from the University of Minnesota and worked in a variety of design positions, including one with a series on HGTV, before starting her own company.

Located in Dellwood, Minnesota, “Perfect” works throughout White Bear Lake, Mahtomedi, Stillwater, Hudson Wisconsin, and the St. Croix River Valley. Other areas include Minneapolis, St. Paul, Roseville, North Oaks, Vadnais Heights, Lino Lakes, Minnetonka, and Wayzata.

In addition to working in the Twin Cities, Nancy has a special appreciation and understanding of the northern Minnesota lake home life style. Having spent a lifetime of summers there, she has grown to love and understand the heart, warmth and comfort unique to this area. Using nature and natural materials as the focus, she loves working with families to create their ideal “North” while working on projects in Nisswa, Gull Lake, Pequot Lakes, and Cross Lake.

Beautiful & Functional Design for Your Home

Nancy Roth’s interview below was featured in the Winter 2017 issue of Savour Magazine (View PDF of the article)

How long have you been working in interior design and what is your favorite part?

I’ve been working in home design for 17 years. It’s always been my personality to analyze the elements of a space and to understand the cause and effect—the interplay of elements in a room and what makes it feel the way it feels.

I’ve always loved working with color and for me, it’s instinctive. I enjoy tweaking the hue until it is just right! A very minor adjustment can make all the difference. When the colors in a space work together, it feels cohesive, intentional and it helps the space become a singular design statement.

Norton Living Room
Kitchen Island

What is the process you take when starting a design project with a client?

When I start with a new client we usually have a telephone conversation where I learn the scope of their project and then we schedule a project location call. I give them their “pre-call assignment”, which is to gather photos of their dream design styles and create a wish list.

There is no pressure, no wrong or right answer, and no need to match anything. It’s my job to figure all of that out. The process should be fun! It’s all about them and their dream space.

Once I’m at the location, I take note of everything. I take photos, ask questions, and listen to what they want to accomplish. If it’s a home, I learn about their lifestyle, family members, activities, pets, entertaining, cooking habits, art pieces, you name it—whatever they care about and whatever makes them unique and fills them with joy, needs to be part of the design plan!

I also do one-time design calls. I really enjoy these because there’s immediate gratification with helping clients’ long time frustrations. I help with paint colors, furniture arrangement, accessories placement, lighting, and additional smaller details for them to follow up on. The space is transformed and they are thrilled!

What inspires your designs? 

Nature! I look to the perfection of the natural elements; the organic colors and textures of stones, wood, lakes, and shorelines. When I begin a project I look at the natural surrounding elements, especially the way the sun shines and what colors are present.

What two or three things should homeowners keep in mind when decorating their own space?

  1. Less is (usually) more! First, completely declutter and strip a space, then prioritize your accessories. Bring back only the things that you really love, the items that have meaning to you. The goal is to surround yourself with things that reflect you and your unique life.
  2. Notice the natural colors of the elements in your space, especially the things you may not think of as having a color, like bricks, wood finishing, flooring, trim, and the hardware metals.
  3. Lighting is crucial! Layer your lighting so it defines your intimate spaces from your gathering spaces from your task spaces. Recessed ceiling light should be placed as much as possible to avoid shadowing. There should be a balance of table lighting, sconces, and overhead lighting. Put dimmers on everything!
Remodeled Kitchen

What services do you offer that makes your company unique?

Perfect Design Solutions is very client-focused. We have a personalized natural approach. We believe design should never feel forced or like you’re trying too hard. Design should be comfortable and comforting. It should enhance your life, encourage your activities, and reflect what you love. Whether it is biking the North Shore, trail riding in Montana, or having a cup of coffee next to a lake in Northern Minnesota, I love to bring those elements, those “feelings” into your home and into your design. Allow me to create a uniquely beautiful design statement that’s personalized, purposeful, and intentional.

Perfect Design… because it’s perfect for you.